Asica openly ascribes to values of corporate social responsibility. Responsible business means doing business successfully and thinking about social and environmental interests, and thus integrate social and environmental aspects into its activities. Asica employees undertake to follow the following rules of conduct:

In the area of creating favourable business environment

  • Within the business competition, we act freely within the internationally accepted rules of fair trade.
  • With our attitudes and behaviour in business relationships we create an ambience of trust and correctness.

Within the area of complying with requirements by the legal system as a minimum of ethics

  • We consider compliance with the law as a basic prerequisite to create a favourable business environment.
  • We act in accordance with requirements by laws and regulations in all areas in which we carry out our activities.
  • We consistently meet concluded contracts, agreements and obligations.
  • In the area of human rights

    • We support and respect the protection of basic human rights, we do not engage in any violation of this in any way.
    • We respect freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.
    • We eliminate any forms of forced labour.
    • In the labour-law-relations we prevent any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, citizenship, social origin, gender, language, state of health, age, religion or belief, property, marital and family status or obligations to family, political or any other opinion, membership and activity in political parties or political movements, in trade unions or employer´s organizations, also acts of incitement, instigation or causing pressure resulting in discrimination are included (also called mobbing).
    • We do not allow child labour.

    In the area of manufacture quality and environment management

    • We develop and offer products and services in the required quality, safety and environment-friendly as well as friendly to human health.
    • We implement a policy of continuous improvement of all health, safety and environmental protection measures in order to achieve more favourable parameters than the applicable legal norms.
    • We achieve prosperity on the principles of sustainable development.
    • We provide guarantees for the quality of our products and services.

    In the relation to the shareholders, customers, suppliers

    • We treat fairly all customers, shareholders and partners, maintain good relations with them and protect their rights.
    • We consistently apply principles of openness, honesty and responsibility when managing the company.
    • We act openly and share relevant information useful to our members and partners, including the financial situation, performance, ownership and company management.
    • We strive to develop the good name, credibility and reliability at our business partners, employees and members of other interested parties.

    In the relation to employees

    • We take care of a decent workplace environment, respect for employees, fair remuneration, skills upgrading, work safety and hygiene.
    • We develop a decent workplace environment, we do not allow any discrimination contrary to law and interpersonal relationships.
    • We support the rational improvement of living space and work environment of the company´s employees.
    • We direct our employees to honest conduct, politeness and personal responsibility.

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