Asica provides our customers with quality mangoes cultivated in pristine tropical climates. Our fresh Mangoes are among the most flavorful and aromatic in the world. We specialize in “ready-to-eat-grade” mangoes in Europe and rock hard mangoes for the US.

The Asica Standardized Quality Process makes sure that all the mangoes that arrive to the hands of our customers meet or exceed high quality standards. Optimizing shelf life and having the best tasting mango possible is what we aim to do.

Storage Advise &

Asica Mangoes are kept at 10 C/ 55 F during precooling, transportation & storage. Ripen at room temperature. Mangoes are Ethylene sensitive and ethylene producers.



Our most popular variety, fibreless, very sweet in taste. It is favored for its nutritional value and versatility. Flesh when ripe is tender and fibreless, with vibrant yellow or even yellowish orange coloration.


This large range of oval-shaped mangoes, completely green with light pink blush on the skin for a pink-red coloration that covers the entire fruit. Mature Keitt mango will have a very juicy flavor with a beautiful pulp color of intense yellow color.


Also called "Honey", due to its sweet taste. Many people love this mango because of its small seed and lack of fiber. Its skin is more delicate compared to the green skin varieties, and it has a golden yellow flesh when it is ripe and ready to eat.





Fresh Specifications

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Availability in Conventional and Bio/ Organic
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4 Kg Single Layer Box
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2.5 Kg Open Top Box (Varies for Master Box)
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6 Kg Open Top Box
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6 Kg Telescopic Box
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Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14
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Brands: Asica, Asica - Mango, Private Label

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