Our History

Asica has been a part of the Agricultural Industry in Latin America for nearly half a century. Initially just a producer, we are now one of the top suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our goal is to nourish the world with the highest quality superfoods available.

Our Mission and Values can be summarized in one sentence:

“The care that we put in = the quality your customers see.”

Our Company

In a nutshell: the mango and avocado experts. Asica is a vertically integrated producer, packer, shipper, and distributor of the highest quality fresh fruit and organics. We handle a large-scale volume of the highest quality fresh mangoes, avocados, citrus- and on a smaller but sustainable scale, true organics. We understand that the trip from our farms to your local store is not an easy one. For that reason, our team is dedicated 24/7 to find the optimal solution every step of the way.

Where do
you find our fruit?
Asica = Quality

When you get Asica, you experience quality

We take precision and transparency very seriously —attention to detail is in our DNA. We are agricultural v eterans and 100% vertically integrated from "Seed to Markets;” the true essence of a grower, packer, and distributor.

Technology is a key component in our quality standard. From monitoring the fields and coordinating the correct MRL & ArfD levels that our customers require, to post harvest efficient and eco-friendly processing technologies and NIR testing, we are always at the forefront with new industry improvements in order to serve our customers and consumers with the best pre-harvest and post-harvest quality available.


We would love to have you with us!

Our team is dynamic, precise, detail oriented, and highly motivated.


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Field and quality engineers

Agronomists & Production

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